Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Language & Communication Skills 2 @ Drawing 2

Language & Communication Skills II~
Today, our favourite teacher...
Talk about the presentation that we're going to do for him and he explain what should we do for our presentation...

pp - 10%
pre 1 (week 3) - 10%
pre 2 ( week 5) - 10%
mid exam (12-16 oct) - 20%
final exam (23-27 nov) - 20%
pre 3 (week 12) - 30%

Presentation 1 - is about promoting drinks...
**we can do our presentation on week 2 also, and NO SUNKIST allow... This presentation is done one by one...**

Presentation 2 - is about selling product, advertising, make profit...
**The presentation we done should contain either cheeky, sexy, love, romance, sex appeal, romantic and so so~ but... NO BECKHAM is allow... This presentation is done one by one...**

Final exam come 1st then only we do our presentation 3...

Presentation 3 - desmond asked us do something different because we last semester done a presentatino about tourism before, so we can either do tourism (e.g:-china, taiwan, singapore and so so...) or campaign (e.g:-anti-smoking campaign, global warming, child abused and so so...) or do half on tourism , half on campaign...
**can be done by a group of 2 or 3 person... And must have POSTERS!!!**

7 copy writers:-
1. Claude Hopkins
-"drink an orange"(sunkist)
:- slogan
:- headline
-B enifits >>> improve your health; provide total wellness...
-F eature>>> nature's germ-proof package( because uses its skin as the packaging ); vitamins; contain nutrients...
-S upport>>> feature support benifits and benifits supportt feature...
-O ffer>>> add up 10 cent to get a juice extractor...

**This one, is from one of the handout that desmond give today...**

A - ttention - butings/ display/ sezy promoters/ packaging...
I - ntrest - ask question/ know more/ feature function...
D - esire - asked yourself "can i have this things?"
A - ction - pay money...

Drawing II~
Our new lecture and tutor...
Sian Fan and Lee Teng...
Teaches us about COLOUR...


- light to dark
- bluit structure

- temperature ( warm to cool )
- mood / atmosphere

Mixing colour:
- Additive Colour Mixing
( how many type of colour mixed )
- mixing of light
- film, teater, television or video
( consider RGB )

- Subtractive Colour Mixing
- mixing of pigment
- using CMYK

Subtractive Colour Mixing

-primary colour
-secondary colour
-tertiary colour

-1 hue + black and white

-colour adjacent ( next ) to each other
-use colour family, colour consider next to it

3.Complementary colour
-opposite on the diagram
( use opposite colour )

4.Split-complementary analogous + 1 complementary
-1 colour combine with 3 different colour
e.g:- orange + blue ( opposite colour ) and blue purple and blue green ( beside colour )

5.Double split-complementary analogous + opposite analogous
-used for chilren and create mood

6.Tradic colour
-any 3 colour


1.prismatic colour
( means use pure colour ** original colour:- red; blue; yellow )
2.muted colour
( means add black and white / compemetary to the colour )
** feel mood down or harmony**
3.chromatic gray
( use gray )
**add more gray less colour**
4.achromatic gray
( gray )
**all the way gray... but got tone... frm light gray to dark gray...**

1. if cannot come, must find teacher make replacement class ( on the same week!)
2. must bring newspaper every week!
3. please love the classroom
4. no food allow!
5. must bring aller everytime
6. pallet must at least half full of different colour
7. uses newsprint paper ( vision art have... cost RM5... )

Teacher tell:-
1. remeber what teacher teaches
2. do own sketches
3. no last minuite homework
4. don't stay back too late.. ( latest time is 7.00pm )

Home assingment:-
1. must do the paper that teacher gives ( the one that teacher teaches today )...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

History of Art and Design @ Figure Studies

History of Art and Design II~

Today, our new history teacher...
Mr. Daniel...
Asked us to do our homework!
LoL...**1st day already have history homework...**
So~ Our today's history homework is~
Do the paper homework that he gives us today...:
1. 1st page of the paper**( draw either 1 ya~ )10/ 100 /10,000 years into the future** and draw in pencil ( colouring is OPTIONAL!!! )
2. 2nd and 3rd page, the 2 part of essay~ **( wrote either 1 also )10/ 100 /10,000 years into the future** (
EACH essay minimum 300 WORDS )

Figure Studies II~

Our new Lecture...
Wei Chuen...
He asked us to:-
1. bring sketch book (A4 size) - BRING NEXT WEEK!!! ITS A MUST!!!
2. wooden doll (木头人) - BUY/BORROW~ ( next lesson NO NEED BRING, BRING ONY WHEN HE ASKED US TO~ )
3. buy 0.6 artline pen (black)
4. he also asked us to come on time, and when didn't come, remember bring MC paper or a letter~

Our tutor...
Zhuo Yu...
He asked us to:-
1. don't late for class

2. must not rush our assignment ( or he won't mark our paper, they will reject it and give comment only~)
3. no late assignment ( will be rejected and give comment only~ )
4. no less assignment allow ( will be rejected and will give comment only~ )
5. no in-complete assignment allow ( will be rejected~ )
6. find good reference ( must have clear face structure~ )
7. good quality paper ( must be a watermark layoutpad )

Our figure assignment is~
1. draw 3 piece of figure and 1 form studies~ ( pass up next week, if not, mark were not given~ )


Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Our friendship 约定*

for our friendship..约定。。。

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Semester Holiday Trip

We are goin to holiday d...
so yee chuen hav a plan to go GENTING HIGHLAND
so any1 wan to go?
august 19-21
3day 2 nite...
if wan go juz contact me...pikling~

the name of comfirmation~
-yee chuen
-sheng kee
-wang kai
-li wei
-weng choy

new trendy?!

it's kindda weird =)
but it's quite beautiful
haha try it if u dare!
but i think Msia wont has such awesome "tattoo"technic =P

by ham =)

Monday, August 3, 2009


tuan chuan nid use our CG to make a video...
so can every1 send me ur CG file?
b4 holiday oo
im ling...
add me
as soon as possible~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pengajian Malaysia TIPS

I get it from class CD0905-4


-Intergration -> Assimilation...
-What is the meaning of culture
- National Principle(Rukun Negara)-British -> Imperialism
-education in british era
-British era-Constitution on May 1957-Malayan Union
-Congress of Malay in 1976-Formation of Malaysia
-Administrative --->Legislative...
-Formation of Local Government
-About Sultan Ruler
- Local Government
-Yang Di-pertuan Negeri
-Constitution---> Cabinet
--->Government developing ---> Local government( what should they do)- Federation of Malaysia
-Malayan Perlembagaan (constitution)
-Cara-cara untuk menjadi Malaysian (citizenship)-Election( Pilihan raya)
-Wawasan 2020-ASEAN-Read all main policy
-Objective of national policy
- current issues : About H1N1 and our economic ( sector yang mana kerugian)

Section B ( Essay question) ( need to select one of them to answer)
- Multiracial in Malaysia
-Briefly concept of constitution and federal concept constitution
- National Economic policy ( NEP)
- Prime Minister (his 'tugas'/responsibility)
- Everything about ASEAN (ex: activities/programme)